About Spray Systems 2001 Ltd.

Spray Systems 2001 Ltd.

Spray Systems 2001 Ltd. first opened its doors in 1984 and remains today a locally owned, family business. We have evolved into a company that focuses on providing our customers with a cost effective way of making your residential and non-residential buildings meet the air barrier and insulation requirements in one single step. Spray Systems prides itself on our flexibility and methods of custom spraying insulation, sound proofing and fireproofing that best matches our customers . Our approach in each situation is unique and in accordance with each customer's needs. Our vision for Spray Systems is really quite simple. We want to continue to be the best Spray Insulation, Fireproofing and Sound Barrier Installer in the region and to be recognized by our customers and others as their primary source for Spray Insulation and Fireproofing. We sincerely appreciate your business and thank you for allowing Spray Systems the opportunity to work with you for over 30 years.


Windsor Construction AssociationSpray Systems 20001 Ltd. is a member of the Windsor Construction Association.

The Windsor Construction Association is an Association of over 300 member companies in the Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Construction Sectors, that work together to promote contractors, subtrades and suppliers by maintaining high standards of ethics, education, safety, environmental practices and training, to create a progressive, competitive construction industry.

In 2008, the Windsor Construction Association celebrated 100 years of service to its members.